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  • Equipment

    Competition Bumper Plates READ MORE


    Our Competition Bumper Plates are the premium in appearance and performance. With a hardened chrome steel insert and first grade rubber construction, these plates are made to impress.

  • Equipment

    Elite Competition Barbell READ MORE


    The competition barbell is purpose built for the experienced home lifter or commercial gym use. It is made from the highest quality alloy steel giving it unrivalled durability and performance. With 8 needle bearings the spin on it’s hardened chrome sleeve will have you lifting effortlessly. The shaft is finished with a matte black Cerakote which will leave your friends and fellow lifters green with envy!

  • Equipment

    Hex Trap Bar READ MORE


    The Hex Trap Bar is complete with 2 handle levels and a tenacious 1000lbs weight capacity, so it won’t crack under pressure. A staple for gyms and home setups everywhere, the Hex Trap Bar is powerfully versatile and undoubtedly hardy.

  • Equipment

    Olympic Black Bumper Plates READ MORE





    The Habitual Olympic Bumper Plates are made to the highest quality, giving them supreme levels of strength and durability, ideal for a home gym setup. Made from 100% original rubber and stainless-steel inserts, these bumper plates provide a perfect fit on our Elite Barbell and are designed for low bounce.