Barbell at Home Care & Maintenance

Upon receiving your Habitual Equipment

  • The slight oil finish to our gear is to prevent any rust or wear and tear during transit.
    It also acts as a lubricant to ensure the ball-bearings inside the sleeves of our barbells are working optimal.
  • Scrubbing your gear with warm soapy water won’t remove the initial oil.
  • We recommend thoroughly wipe down with a dry rag to remove.

How to care for your barbell

  • We recommend following these simple steps to keep your new barbell looking healthy and happy. How frequently you perform these recommendations will depend on the climate in which your barbell lives as well as the amount of use it is getting each day.
  • Thoroughly wipe down your new barbell with a dry rag to remove the initial oil finish.
  • Keep barbell in a dry, covered environment.
  • Washing/scrubbing your barbell with warm soapy water is not recommended as persistent rust can form if the moisture remains within the knurling and it can also stop your barbell from spinning.

Ongoing Care & Maintenance

  • Some recommended products and simple methods to assist with barbell care:
  • Use a plastic bristle brush and a very mild detergent (optional) to clean the knurl – this will aid in removing surface rust and oxidation.
  • Wipe down using a 3-in-1 oil & bristle brush.
  • Using an old rag/towel to wipe off any excess oil from the barbell.
  • Spray some WD40 in the sleeves of the barbell to keep ball-bearings lubricated.
  • “How to Clean Your Barbell”

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