Creature Barbell


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Creature Barbell - Barbell - 20kg
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The Creature barbell is purpose made for your home fitness space. If you are unsure where to start building your equipment setup, you are at the right place! This barbell will handle the three staple lifts – squat, bench, deadlift – with ease. It is appropriate for beginners in Olympic lifting and has two needle bearings which allows some sleeve spin. The 700lb weight capacity means this barbell is sturdy enough to handle big weights and the decorative chrome finish will leave your training partner jealous.


Bar Weight 20kg
Length 2200mm
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Sleeve Diameter 50mm
Knurl Single Mark
Centre Knurl Yes
Shaft Coating Decorative Chrome
Sleeve Coating Decorative Chrome
Bearing 2 x needle bearing
Bushing 2 bronze bushings
Tensile Strength 170,000 PSI
Weight Capacity 700lbs
Whip Minimal Whip
End Cap Steel, slide insert


“Habitual is a brand I am both proud and excited to be a co-founder of. Today’s world has shown a necessity for access to high quality gym equipment at home. The current market is flooded with products that are either exorbitantly expensive or of poor quality. Habitual will provide people throughout Australia with the tools they need to create a fitness habit and lead them on the path to success”

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