Hex Trap Bar


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Hex Trap Bar - 1 x Bar
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The Hex Trap Bar is complete with 2 handle levels and a tenacious 1000lbs weight capacity, so it won’t crack under pressure. A staple for gyms and home setups everywhere, the Hex Trap Bar is powerfully versatile and undoubtedly hardy.

Perfect for deadlifts, the Hex Trap Bar centralises the deadlift weight to the body.

The elevated handle enables the lifter to decrease the range of motion to perform a deadlift allowing more weight to be added for overload training.


Finish Decorative Chrome (Sleeves & Frame)
Handle (Swivel) 25mm
Sleeves  50mm
Length 1800mm
Width 600mm
Weight 23kg
Weight Capacity 1000lbs



“Habitual is a brand I am both proud and excited to be a co-founder of. Today’s world has shown a necessity for access to high quality gym equipment at home. The current market is flooded with products that are either exorbitantly expensive or of poor quality. Habitual will provide people throughout Australia with the tools they need to create a fitness habit and lead them on the path to success”

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