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  • Conditioning

    Abmat READ MORE

    $24.50 $22.05

    A friend to abs everywhere, the Abmat is the perfect addition to any bodyweight or conditioning routine to strengthen the core. The Abmat is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the small of the back, helping you maintain a neutral spine throughout the rep range and to provide a more comfortable base for your sit ups.

  • Equipment

    Power Band READ MORE


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    The Habitual Power Bands are a classic addition to any form of training, whether used alone for mobility or added to your strengthening and conditioning exercises for extra resistance. Choose from 4 different options for width and resistance – the lightest band (X-light) offers 2.3-15.8kg of resistance, leading up to our strongest band (Heavy) which gives you a resistance of 22.7kg all the way to 54.4kg.

  • Equipment

    Foam Roller READ MORE

    $24.50 $22.05

    Vital to your warm up, mobility and recovery sessions this training staple is imperitive to have amongst your gear.
    Use our foam roller to massage through your major muscle groups and prepare them for what’s to come in your session or better yet work yourself back to a neutral state and aid a great recovery after your session is done and dusted.

  • Conditioning



    Work to gain strength throughout both your posterior & anterior chains with our Glute Hamstring Developer.
    Use this adjustable unit to perform complimentary exercises that are back extensions, hip extensions, sit ups, isolated holds -just to name a few more, to build a strong and stable midline that will aid with your ability to carry out all other larger movements throughout your trianing.