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The Habitual Power Bands are a classic addition to any form of training, whether used alone for mobility or added to your strengthening and conditioning exercises for extra resistance. Choose from 4 different options for width and resistance – the lightest band (X-light) offers 2.3-15.8kg of resistance, leading up to our strongest band (Heavy) which gives you a resistance of 22.7kg all the way to 54.4kg.

Made of highly durable layered latex, the Power Band is made to hold you in and make you work. With an easy colour code for quick identification, the Habitual Power Band is both versatile and portable.


Material Layered Latex
Resistance  2.3kg to 15.8kg (x-light); 4.5kg to 22.7kg (light); 11.3kg-36kg (medium); 22.7kg to 54.4kg (heavy)
Length  41” (all)
13mm (x-light), 21mm (light), 29mm (medium), 46mm (heavy)



“Habitual is a brand I am both proud and excited to be a co-founder of. Today’s world has shown a necessity for access to high quality gym equipment at home. The current market is flooded with products that are either exorbitantly expensive or of poor quality. Habitual will provide people throughout Australia with the tools they need to create a fitness habit and lead them on the path to success”

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