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  • Conditioning

    Abmat READ MORE

    $24.50 $22.05

    A friend to abs everywhere, the Abmat is the perfect addition to any bodyweight or conditioning routine to strengthen the core. The Abmat is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the small of the back, helping you maintain a neutral spine throughout the rep range and to provide a more comfortable base for your sit ups.

  • Equipment

    Hex Head Dumbbell READ MORE


    Robust, heavy-duty, and endlessly versatile, the humble dumbbell is a staple in every gym setup. With varying weights ranging from 1kg all the way to 40kg, the Hex Head Dumbbell is easy to mix and match to suit any ability and activity. For a comfortable and stable grip, this dumbbell features an ergonomic chrome-plated handle, as well as proprietary head-to-handle construction to ensure the head stays put.
    These Dumbbells are sold as pairs and cannot be purchased individually.

  • Equipment

    Powder Coated Kettlebell READ MORE


    14kg -Dispatching Now


    This Powder Coated Kettlebell is the definition of sturdy. Being cast in one solid piece means this kettlebell bears a stronger, more reliable handle and a blemish-free finish. The matte black powder coating gives it a sleek quality and means it will also hold chalk, unlike a thick epoxy finish.

  • Equipment

    Pro Grade Kettlebell READ MORE


    The Pro Grade Kettlebell is your top-of-the-range kettlebell for quality, look and feel. Its gravity steel casting makes for an ultra-smooth finish and durability. Meanwhile, its ergonomic handle design allows for biomechanic efficiency with fewer calluses thanks to its smooth finish. Each kettlebell from 8kg – 42kg is uniform in size for consistency of performance regardless of weight.

  • Equipment

    Adjustable Dumbbells 24kg READ MORE

    $449.00 $299.00

    Dispatching Now


    No more time wasted adjusting your dumbbell weights. This ultimate 15-in-1 adjustable home gym dumbbell set is the handiest dumbbell set for your lifting needs. With a simple turn of the dial, the innovative locking mechanism secures only the weights that you want. A few seconds is all it takes to change the weight of each dumbbell – just lock and load.

  • Equipment

    Elite Competition Barbell READ MORE


    The competition barbell is purpose built for the experienced home lifter or commercial gym use. It is made from the highest quality alloy steel giving it unrivalled durability and performance. With 8 needle bearings the spin on it’s hardened chrome sleeve will have you lifting effortlessly. The shaft is finished with a matte black Cerakote which will leave your friends and fellow lifters green with envy!

  • SALE

    Hex Trap Bar READ MORE

    $225.00 $202.50

    The Hex Trap Bar is complete with 2 handle levels and a tenacious 1000lbs weight capacity, so it won’t crack under pressure. A staple for gyms and home setups everywhere, the Hex Trap Bar is powerfully versatile and undoubtedly hardy.

  • Balls

    Dead Ball READ MORE


    Build power in your ballistic throws and slams with this ultra strong dead ball, made of thick rubber casing and an improved valve design. Choose from a smooth, super-soft upper or a textured effect for maximum grip.

  • Balls

    Wall Ball READ MORE


    With various ways to implement into your training, the softly crafted exterior of our Wall Balls allows you to safely throw to sky-high heights without risking injury as you catch and release.
    The full body movement of a ‘Wall Ball shot’ is a fantastic core to extremity exercise allowing many muscle groups to be at work.
    Choose from our selection of 8-30LBS, you will be sure to find a weight that is suited to your current skill level – whatever that may be!

  • Conditioning

    Wall Ball Target READ MORE


    ractice makes perfect. The Habitual Wall Ball Target is the ideal add-on for our Wall Balls. Easily adjusted to the standard CrossFit© competition height of 9ft and 10ft (when combined with the 1100mm Wall Ball Target Extension). This Wall Ball Target conveniently attaches directly to the wall, and is compatible with our Matrix, Assault Rack Pro and Custom Squat cage. Habitual stands out from the competition with a laser-cut “Creature of Habit”.

  • Equipment

    Power Band READ MORE


    Dispatching Now


    The Habitual Power Bands are a classic addition to any form of training, whether used alone for mobility or added to your strengthening and conditioning exercises for extra resistance. Choose from 4 different options for width and resistance – the lightest band (X-light) offers 2.3-15.8kg of resistance, leading up to our strongest band (Heavy) which gives you a resistance of 22.7kg all the way to 54.4kg.

  • Conditioning

    Digital Interval Timer READ MORE

    $379.00 $299.00

    This large 6 digit digital timer will make sure you know just how much more time is remaining in the hurt locker!
    With a selection of different interval settings to suit your workout’s structure simply select, hit go on your remote control and listen for that 3 second count down.