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Work to gain strength throughout both your posterior & anterior chains with our Glute Hamstring Developer.
Use this adjustable unit to perform complimentary exercises that are back extensions, hip extensions, controlled sit ups, isolated holds -just to name a few more, to build a strong and stable midline that will aid with your ability to carry out all other larger movements throughout your training.

Our steel based heavy dutie GHD has a total weight of 83kgs and features an adjustable split pad so that any athlete no matter the size can position themselves across the soft foam base and comfortably work within this versatile piece of equipment.
The supporting thick steel legs are positioned wide allowing for maximum stability when in use.


GHD Weight 83kg
Length 1800mm
Width 1300mm
Height 1100mm
Materials 2×3” Steel, Vinyl Covered Plush Foam
Finish Black Powder Coated
No. Horizontal Adjustments 10
No. Foot Height Adjustments 6



“Habitual is a brand I am both proud and excited to be a co-founder of. Today’s world has shown a necessity for access to high quality gym equipment at home. The current market is flooded with products that are either exorbitantly expensive or of poor quality. Habitual will provide people throughout Australia with the tools they need to create a fitness habit and lead them on the path to success”

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