24KG Adjustable Dumbbells


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The ultimate 15-in-1 adjustable home gym dumbbell set, for all your lifting needs. With a simple turn of the dial, the innovative locking mechanism secures only the weights that you want. A few seconds is all it takes to change the weight of each dumbbell!

The adjustable dumbbell’s design makes them the most space-efficient and flexible strength training option available. With a high-grade nylon cover and rubber handle, the adjustable dumbbells not only look great, they are built for durability and resistant to rust.

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Gear Specs

Easy to use Simply rotate the dial and lift
Quality Robust design and build quality
Additional Adjustable to 15 different weights each
Sleeves 50mm
Weight range 2.5kg – 24kg each

Top 5 exercises:

1. Bicep Curls
2. Shoulder Press
3. Tricep extensions
4. Shoulder Press
5. Chest Press

Also Try: dumbbell row, lunges, step-ups, front raises, dumbbell snatch, pec fly, reverse fly

Weight 51 kg