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  • Equipment

    Pro Grade Kettlebell READ MORE


    The Pro Grade Kettlebell is your top-of-the-range kettlebell for quality, look and feel. Its gravity steel casting makes for an ultra-smooth finish and durability. Meanwhile, its ergonomic handle design allows for biomechanic efficiency with fewer calluses thanks to its smooth finish. Each kettlebell from 8kg – 42kg is uniform in size for consistency of performance regardless of weight.

  • Conditioning

    Dead Ball READ MORE


    Build power in your ballistic throws and slams with this ultra strong dead ball, made of thick rubber casing and an improved valve design. Choose from a smooth, super-soft upper or a textured effect for maximum grip.

  • Conditioning

    Medicine Ball READ MORE


    A true oldie but a goodie, Medicine Balls have been around for centuries. They are still an extremely useful and popular way to improve specific aspects of fitness; primarily, speed, power, strength and acceleration. Available in 4 weight options, the Habitual Medicine Ball is highly portable, built to last, weather-proof, and an ideal asset for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

  • Conditioning

    Wall Ball READ MORE


    Go ballistic with the ultra strong Habitual wall ball, wrapped in a coated, moisture- and scuff-resistant vinyl shell to handle the sweat and the slams. Its soft shell also makes it safe to use at high speeds, yet strong enough to maintain a stable shape.

  • Conditioning

    Foam Plyometric Box Set READ MORE


    The Foam Plyometric Box Set is constructed with high-density EVA foam, with 3 separate boxes which connect to one another using strong, non-slip Velcro attachments.
    The Foam Plyometric Box Set Includes:
    One 15cm (h) x 76cm (w) x 90cm (L) block
    One 30cm (h) x 76cm (w) x 90cm (L) block
    One 60cm (h) x 76cm (w) x 90cm (L) block.

  • Equipment

    Barbell Holder READ MORE


    The Habitual Barbell holder is made of 3mm powder coated steel. It is capable of holding 9 barbells and has the ability to hold speciality and accessory barbells with its upright design and 25kg weight.

  • Equipment

    Competition Bumper Plates READ MORE


    Our Competition Bumper Plates are the premium in appearance and performance. With a hardened chrome steel insert and first grade rubber construction, these plates are made to impress.