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  • Equipment

    Assault Rack Pro READ MORE


    The Assault Rack Pro is one of the most versatile squat racks on the market. With it’s multi grip chin up bar and heavy duty spotting arms, this rack allows you to perform a huge variety of both powerlifting lifts and gymnastics movements. With the ability to attach ropes, rings, bands and other apparatus, the stability of the rack will support your bodyweight with ease, even allowing for kipping and swinging.


    The Assault Rack includes:
    1x Free-standing Assault Rack
    1 x Pull-up Bar with multi grip option
    1 x pair Spotting Arm with laser cut Creature
    1 x pair Matrix J-Hooks with laser cut Creature
    2 x pairs Nylon Utility Pegs

  • Balls

    Wall Ball READ MORE


    With various ways to implement into your training, the softly crafted exterior of our Wall Balls allows you to safely throw to sky-high heights without risking injury as you catch and release.
    The full body movement of a ‘Wall Ball shot’ is a fantastic core to extremity exercise allowing many muscle groups to be at work.
    Choose from our selection of 8-30LBS, you will be sure to find a weight that is suited to your current skill level – whatever that may be!

  • Equipment

    Hex Head Dumbbell READ MORE


    Robust, heavy-duty, and endlessly versatile, the humble dumbbell is a staple in every gym setup. With varying weights ranging from 1kg all the way to 40kg, the Hex Head Dumbbell is easy to mix and match to suit any ability and activity. For a comfortable and stable grip, this dumbbell features an ergonomic chrome-plated handle, as well as proprietary head-to-handle construction to ensure the head stays put.
    These Dumbbells are sold as pairs and cannot be purchased individually.

  • Equipment

    Pro Grade Kettlebell READ MORE


    The Pro Grade Kettlebell is your top-of-the-range kettlebell for quality, look and feel. Its gravity steel casting makes for an ultra-smooth finish and durability. Meanwhile, its ergonomic handle design allows for biomechanic efficiency with fewer calluses thanks to its smooth finish. Each kettlebell from 8kg – 42kg is uniform in size for consistency of performance regardless of weight.

  • Balls

    Dead Ball READ MORE


    Build power in your ballistic throws and slams with this ultra strong dead ball, made of thick rubber casing and an improved valve design. Choose from a smooth, super-soft upper or a textured effect for maximum grip.

  • Conditioning

    Digital Interval Timer READ MORE

    $379.00 $299.00

    This large 6 digit digital timer will make sure you know just how much more time is remaining in the hurt locker!
    With a selection of different interval settings to suit your workout’s structure simply select, hit go on your remote control and listen for that 3 second count down.

  • Accessories

    Chalk Bowl READ MORE


    Powder up with the Habitual Chalk Bowl.

  • Equipment

    3-in-1 Wooden Plyo Box READ MORE


    The 3-in-1 Wooden Plyometric Box is your plyometric all-rounder, with 3 levels of heights: 20″, 24″, 30″. Featuring an interlocking construction for increased strength, its heavy, durable construction also includes handle cutouts for easy movement.

  • comingsoon

    Astro Turf READ MORE


    Lay the right foundations with our premium, thick Astro Turf flooring. Ideal for a multitude of different applications such as sled work, agility, speed, plyometrics, and even a juicy foam roll. With a high-quality 5mm polyurethane (PU) base, this Astro Turf is as durable as it is buoyant and soft.

  • Conditioning

    Wooden Power Rings 28mm READ MORE


    Hang tight with these versatile Wooden Power Rings, ideal for conditioning exercises with suspension. Easily adjust these rings to your desired length with its indexed length markings and non-slip metal clamp. Its 5.5m strap length can also be easily increased by adding slings.

  • Equipment

    Indoor/Outdoor Battle Rope READ MORE

    $189.00 $139.00

    This extra thick, 50mm-wide battle rope is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring high-usage and wear-resistant casing. Composed of heavy duty nylon and steel, the Habitual Indoor/Outdoor Battle Rope is sure to pull its weight during your strength and conditioning training.

  • Conditioning

    Climbing Rope READ MORE


    Rope climbing exercises are used across a multitude of training environments to improve upper body strength and endurance. From scaling the rope to isometric holds this gymnastic based movement will add variety and excitement to your daily workout routine. Our sisal climbing rope has you covered for all your climbing needs made to last and prevent fraying. Most commonly attached to the roof this rope can also be used as a key accessory to our rigs and racks range.