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  • Balls

    Dead Ball READ MORE


    Build power in your ballistic throws and slams with this ultra strong dead ball, made of thick rubber casing and an improved valve design. Choose from a smooth, super-soft upper or a textured effect for maximum grip.

  • Balls

    Wall Ball READ MORE


    With various ways to implement into your training, the softly crafted exterior of our Wall Balls allows you to safely throw to sky-high heights without risking injury as you catch and release.
    The full body movement of a ‘Wall Ball shot’ is a fantastic core to extremity exercise allowing many muscle groups to be at work.
    Choose from our selection of 8-30LBS, you will be sure to find a weight that is suited to your current skill level – whatever that may be!

  • Balls

    Medicine Ball READ MORE


    A true oldie but a goodie, Medicine Balls have been around for centuries. They are still an extremely useful and popular way to improve specific aspects of fitness; primarily, speed, power, strength and acceleration. Available in 4 weight options, the Habitual Medicine Ball is highly portable, built to last, weather-proof, and an ideal asset for rehabilitation and injury prevention.